Monday, August 30, 2010


I know this is about 3 months late, but here are some more of Maggie's 6 Month Photos taken by Zach Smith!

This is the bear she sleeps with every night in her crib.

Hanging out in the front room fire place.

A fun toy given to her by Mia.

I loved the lighting in this one...Zach is so creative!

She feel in the candy jar...wearing her special bumble onesie made by Aunt Kate.

Her teething has been a constant trouble, causing her to eat on anything she can bite.

What a happy baby she is!

One of my favorite pictures!

Also, these are some videos from our trip to Ponte Vedra at the beginning of August.

Friday, August 27, 2010

9 Months/Brown T-Shirt

Today is Maggie's Nine Month Birthday!
Over the past 9 Months, Maggie has become so much fun to play with. Here she is, earlier in the week, in the process of taking her T-Shirt off/PJs...the shirt stayed on her head for the longest time. She literally went all over the house like this! It was hilarious!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Maggie is starting to do some funny "exercises" with her body...

She has discovered that her neck will turn to the side.

She can lift the ball over her head...
...she can lift the ball over her head and turn her neck to look at Jack.

She likes to pull up on the table.

She loves to exercise her vocal cords with laughing...
...and screaming/screeching!

She finishes off with a thumb sucking exercise that includes sticking her fingers in her mouth and blowing to make a funny noise.
She is full of energy and constantly moving, talking, and making me laugh...what a blessing!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Unexpected Surprise

The past couple of weeks have been crazy! My sister was recovering from Nicaragua. Soooo, we spent some unexpected time in Macon...
We meet for lunch at NuWay one day.
Jarred, Steph, Jack, me, Joseph, and JoJo
We put Maggie in Mia's toy basket late one night...
...and had a photo shoot.
Stephanie said her favorite niece is Maggie:)
Finally back in Columbus after 17 days! It's time to get back on a schedule!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Ponte Vedra Inn & Club

Where did I leave off....

Well, staying at the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club was great! What a beautiful place full of old Southern charm and hospitality!
Maggie and Jack reading the morning newspaper.

Maggie said, "Take me to the BEACH!!!"
Of course we couldn't go far before a quick photo shoot with cousin Holden.

While no one was looking, I put Holden in Maggie's pink hat:)
The boys loved playing Round Robin Boche Ball tournaments....
...while the rest of us napped under the umbrellas.

The consensus is in - Maggie loves the pool more than the ocean!
Family Photo
(to think, we had not even met Maggie this time last year!)
Maggie was able to sit up on the beach, unlike in April.
Jack and Maggie
Maggie and me
Maggie's upclose
The Putting Green; let the photo shoot begin.

(matching outfits for the cousins!)

The Whole Pyles' Family

Monday, August 9, 2010

Ponte Vedra Snapshot

A few quick pictures from Ponte Vedra...

Maggie trying to take the flag out on the putting green.
The Royal Family
Maggie and Me
Ed with two of his four great grandchildren!
Uncle Carson!!!!
Maggie on the putting green again
Maggie with her favorite cousin!
Maggie trying to put Mia's sunglasses on...
Maggie and me on the beach.
The whole family
She still chews on anything near her mouth!
Notice her outfit (Jack dresses her) - a polo shirt with bloomers:)

Maggie and Jack playing in the Atlantic Ocean.

Papa and Maggie are having the best time here at the beach (more pictures and video to come).
"You're a cowboy"

Cousins and Best Buds!
Maggie was sooo ready to hit the beach on the first day (just like her Aunt Kate).
Crocs + plaid swim shorts + Gerber onesie = cutest boy on the beach
Maggie at bedtime...she has not slept much on this trip! She doesn't want to miss a beat.
She has had a bath everyday since we have been here.

Final pictures to come....when we get back to Columbus! A day left and we are so sad, but thankful for the time we have had here with the Pyles' Family and Ed!