Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Swim Lessons

Last Thursday, Maggie completed her two weeks of swim lessons with Mrs. Elizabeth Leslin. She did great until the day we all came to watch...
 ...she screamed when it was time to jump off of the diving board...she had done it all week, but she got it in her mind she was not going to do it...so she screamed. 
 Other than that, she loved her "ice cream scoops", "soldier, chicken, airplane", "the fish in the sea..."
Katie had one day of swim lessons and she LOVED it! Katie is much more of a water person than Mags, but Maggie did great.

Monday, May 26, 2014


Friday was closing day! We closed on our house in Columbus...purchased it 7 years ago, moved out of it 3 years ago. While Jack was at the closing, the girls and I had lunch at Dinglewood...
...walked by the river and played in the splash pad.

After the closing, we headed to Lake Martin...
 ...we spent Memorial Day Weekend with our dear Columbus friends - the Moores and Addisons.
Katie wasn't crazy about her puddle jumper. 
 eating popsicles on the dock
 all SEVEN kids
(Bennett, Sam, Andie, Sam, Mags, William, Katie)
 putting the Candyland Puzzle together
 fish face
 the dads and kids on an evening boat ride
 popsicles on the porch
 ready for the boat ride 
 family of four 

 friends before they were born
 Jack's amazing Filets
(we thought the kids were asleep...while eating our nice dinner on the porch, William came around the corner with the biggest smile on his face:)


(before Andie was thrown off the tube)

our little bugga 

Thursday, May 22, 2014


Celebrating Madeline Garrett's birthday at Burns Park.
(Lucy, Maggie, Katie, Madeline, Bo)
 Playing in the field behind our house.
 Picnic Table for Lunch
(saying the blessing)

Lucy and Katie...
...at Tattnall Square Park.
While at the park, Mags had to go to the bathroom...the thing is she says that when she realizes there is no restroom around or she just wants to see what a restroom looks like...so I told her it would help her "hold it" if she wore my glasses.

 2nd visit to Elliott Farms
(Katie picked all of the GREEN strawberries)

 Just like Jack...she could play with the water hose all day.
 While Mags was at swim lessons, we went for a walk...
...it was an extremely hot afternoon.

Katie made the mud for Mags to rub all over her body.

 Playing "Simon Says"...Maggie told Jack to touch his ring and Katie tried imitating him. Brent taught Maggie and Holden how to play "Simon Says" while we were at the beach.

Playing in the terrible rain storm.


Wearing one of Maggie's old dresses.

Bo and Mags


Maggie enjoyed soccer a little more this season...
 ...she is even signed up for soccer camp!
 Katie loved it too!


Mags had her end of the year gymnastics meet...
 ...Spring Fling.

 She did great.
 Katie even handed her a lollipop bouquet at the end.

 Her teacher, Miss. Hallie, was amazing!