Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins

We love going to the Pumpkin Patch. We have been five or six times now (I've lost count:).
Katie loves to carry the pumpkins.
Katie is showing off her new pumpkin and Mags is showing off her candy apple. 
Maggie's class took a field trip to Forest Hill's United Methodist Church...
...Granny's church.
Ms. Tabitha's 4K
They always give stickers for the pumpkins...
...they girls go straight to the front porch where they sit and put the faces on their pumpkins. 
We love Forest Hills United Methodist Church! 

We also went to Elliott Farms. 

Today, Maggie thought we had enough pumpkins to have a pumpkin patch. Thankful that Mia, Papa, Daddy, and Caleb where our four customers. 

Fair 2014

We love the GA National Fair in Perry. This year, Mags upgraded to the REAL rides. Katie watched her riding the bumper cars...she kept pointing to the empty ones wanting to ride. Mags and I rode the Himalaya.
 As I am loosing weight, I look back at last year's picture and then this year's...I feel so much better and more energetic. I am thankful for God's mercies! 
 Next year we will go on wrist band night...since we have outgrown just riding a few kiddie rides.

Thursday, October 2, 2014


For over a year now, Mia Stevenson has been my Tuesday morning babysitter. I can't imagine life without her! For four or five hours every Tuesday, I am guaranteed time without kids.
 I love my girls so much, but I need time to recharge...that's what Tuesday mornings are for me,
 I have a quiet time at Chick-fil-A, go to Pilates, then run an errand or two, and meet someone for lunch. When I get home, I feel physically and mentally refreshed and ready to go!
 While I'm gone...
 ...Mia plays with Katie and even cleans!
 Sometimes she has visitors...
 ...Bo Barnes and Lucy are frequent guests. 
 Mia has been teaching them how to play football.
 I don't know if Mia will ever understand the blessing she is to us!
We love you, Mia!!!!

Time with Katie

I am enjoying getting to know Katie in a different way, now the Mags is in school.
 She has always been with Maggie, now it's just the two of us.
 She is, actually, very entertaining. 
 She is expressive with her face.
 She loves Frozen.
 She loves Cherrios and raisins.
 I love just being with her during the day.
 She had the stomach bug, so we spent the morning in the bath.
 She LOVES water. She says "ater" with such affection.
 We walked the track at FPD. She loved just running free.

I love this munckin!