Thursday, August 29, 2013

Monday, August 19, 2013

Vacation on Anna Maria Island

We loaded up the girls for our biggest family vacation to date...
We went to visit my dear friends Sarah Jean and Tim and their beautiful new baby girl, Campbell.
It was quite a drive...

We were so excited to arrive on Anna Maria Island and stay in the Azinger's Wee Cottage.
 The cottage had a screened in back porch that looked out onto the gorgeous enclosed back yard. 
 The beach is beautiful down there. 

 Right down the road was a donut store... maybe we ate there everyday. 

 Walking to the donut shop one morning.
 We went into Bradenton to visit the Azinger's awesome pool.

Tim let Maggie do a little fishing. The bait they used was large shrimp. When Maggie pulled up the pole, she was so excited because she thought she caught a big was just the bait:) 
 One afternoon we were rained in the house. We played games...
 ...ate ice cream...
 ...and finally went swimming in the rain.
 SJ and Tim came out for dinner one night at the cottage. 
 On our walk to the beach...
 ...we walked past this old baseball players house. 
a little beach fun in Aunt Kate's old swimsuit

Tim and Jack with their girls.
 even Betsie dropped by for a quick visit
We loved taking a family vacation, just the four of us. Anna Maria Island is gorgeous. We loved visiting with Tim and SJ. We were so thankful for the great trip.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Some Fun Days

Nancy and I went to the American Girl store. Maggie will be getting her first American Girl doll this year at her birthday day.
I was excited to see Molly (before she is retired:). 

Later that day Maggie was stung by a bee. She was really fine, but loved having the ice pack on her finger and just watching tv for the evening.

We went to Columbus on August 5th for Andie's birthday.

 we had lunch at Dinglewood
 I can't believe how much these girls have grown. I remember Andie's birthday so vividly...Maggie kicked more in my stomach that day than any other day of my pregnancy. 
 Katie eating sweet potatoes. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

in between

In between our Birmingham trip and Bradenton trip...we have played with sidewalk chalk.
 spent some time at Barnes and Noble.
 Katie is eating some real big girl food.
 I ran into the daddies and daughters Saturday breakfast club.
 Maggie went to see the Lion King at the theatre downtown.
 Katie has eaten her weight in Cherrios .
 Maggie and Jack playing her Tea Party Game.
 Katie has moved to a bigger car seat. 
 Jack and I enjoyed a date night to Nick Dermatas' engagement party. 
 Maggie went to her dentist appointment...
 ...and we had pizza in the park to celebrate:)
 She was so excited to be done with the dentist until she is 4.

 My little girls are growing up too fast.
 Maggie has started back to gymnastics.