Sunday, October 27, 2013


Last weekend we went to Nashville for our annual football trip (every third year we go to a UGA game for Big Carson).
We got to visit with Aunt Rachael on the way through Atlanta.
We had breakfast at Le Peep with the Clements.
our view from The Hutton Hotel
I tried to snap a picture with their monogrammed shirts...can't really capture a good one of both girls.
lunch at the game
the weather was awful 
(cold and rainy)
the girls and I headed back to the hotel, while the guys stayed at the game
we finished watching it on tv, bundled in bed
the best family picture at the
UGA/Vandy game
ice cream at Maggie Moo's
it was a quick trip, but fun to be with everyone

Mags and Holden loved sharing ice cream

Jack, Carson, Katie, and I headed back on Sunday while everyone else went to the Nashville Zoo.
We read a book about a giraffe that week so all Maggie wanted to see was the giraffe.
Maggie also loves maps.
She loves to find her way around:)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Elliott Farms and Pumpkins

We went back to Elliott Farms today.

 Carson and Nancy went with us. 

 Maggie's eyes were hurting from the sun, so she wore my Ray Bans to pick her pumpkin. 

Friday, October 11, 2013


Love this fall weather. We spent the week outside. 
 Monday night we took the girls to Granny' Church, Forest Hills United Methodist Church. Maggie has been waiting 11 months for this. 
 She loved that it was Katie's first time at a pumpkin patch.
 Tuesday I took the girls downtown. Katie ate a lemon for the first time.
 Behind Katie is the store Ossie (Jack's great grandmother) ran. It was Lerner's back then. Nancy worked there under Ossie. On the back of the building "Norwood" is still painted for her parking space. 
 Kaite loves to wave at people....
 ...literally, she will wave at anyone.
 We then walked down to the statue.
 Wednesday we went to the Fair.
 Maggie and Jack rode the bumper cars (and a few other rides). Katie and I just watched:)
 Today we went out to Elliott Farms.
 Maggie cut her own pumpkin (a Georgia Bulldog pumpkin).

We had a picnic.

 I love seeing Katie wear Mags old outfits.
 Maggie used her imagination to pretend she was putting away her horse. 
 Maggie is growing up too fast! I am trying to treasure every minute. She is full of energy, personality, in charge, loves taking care of Katie, and sweet as can be (most of the time:).
 Jack even joined us for a little while.
 Seriously, a beautiful day!!!
 Katie is waving to the flowers.
Jack left right before the hay I got to take the two girls on a pretty crazy hay ride (up a pretty steep hill!!!)

I love having the two girls at home. There are times I am tired or overwhelmed, but at the end of the day...when I lay Katie in bed and pray with Maggie after reading a Bible story, I could not feel more full of joy or unworthy to have been entrusted with these sweet daughters. 
"Every good and perfect gift is from above..." James 1:17

Sunday, October 6, 2013

NTA Delivers Again

Norwood Travel Agency took off this weekend to Baltimore and Annapolis.
 on our way to the airport with Ed
 Ed was so excited to show an airplane to Maggie.
 Maggie and Holden on their first airplane. So thankful for a kind pilot who let these two "fly" the plane. They also received their first wings. the rental car and heading to the hotel on Light Street.

After checking into the hotel, we walked down to the bay. It was weird to be a family of 3, but we enjoyed some special time with Mags.
 Meanwhile, in Macon, Nancy and Brent had Katie on Friday night (they went out for a nice dinner) and three of five grandchildren on Saturday night.

At our dinner in Baltimore, Langermann's.
 Back to the Bay for some Great American Cookie Company.
 Oh, and Carson is back in America!!!!
 Saturday morning we loaded up and headed by Oriel Park at Camden Yards and the Baltimore Ravens' stadium...on the road to Annapolis...
 ....Air Force Tailgate...

 It was a little hot, but despite the heat (and Holden's face) we had a great time.

 I am so glad Jack has taught Maggie to love football.

In Macon, Katie had an outing to Downtown Macon to see the new Dannenburg's where her great great grandmother worked.

After the game we toured the Naval Academy. 
The Naval Academy is a different campus - stone buildings, unique architecture, and on the beautiful water.

This morning we were back at the airport.

 Big thanks to Julie and her teaching skills.
 Mags on the plane.

What a "cool" uncle.
(Mags corrected Ed this weekend...things are "cool" now:)
 The Whole Gang

Maggie finishing her cheesecake on the way back to Macon.
 All three kids in the back of the car.
(Ed is kind of like a kid I have to look out for :)
 Finally back home!