Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ponte Vedra 2014

Katie playing on the putting green.
 She was partial to her left foot NOT touching the sand.
 There is something so exciting about seeing the fountain outside of the Ponte Vedra Inn and know you have four amazing days ahead of you:)
 Maggie and Katie playing in the sand.
 ready for dinner
 "Where's Katie?!"
 Mags and CarCar
 Just hanging out in front of our room and by the beach...the perfect location!
 snacking on the beach
 after naps
 my main squeeze
 Big Carson finally found shark teeth...after searching for his whole life.
 notice Katie is not in the picture...she is sitting on her towel somewhere
 daily lunch at the club

Ponte Vedra Beach 2014

We had the best time at Ponte Vedra Beach.
 Brent and Nancy took the whole family.
 I enjoyed being with Kate and seeing how great she was with the three boys. 
 Maggie was the most excited about the ocean and beach. She LOVED it!
 Katie was not so thrilled about the sand. She snapped a few pictures, but mainly liked to sit on a towel and play. 
 We were excited to have Catherine on the trip this year. She was a huge help with the kids...
 ...and I love that her and Carson are back together. 
 I remember three years ago when Maggie wore this same swimsuit. 

 This is the towel she sat on most of the time.
 We went out to dinner two of the nights...Fish Camp and Mezzo.

 One morning I took pictures of the girls as the sun was rising. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014


We really celebrated on Easter! 
 The girls and their Easter Baskets
 Photo Shoot

 Photo Shoot at Brent and Nancy's

 Family Photo...excited to fit in the dress I wore four years ago.
 Cousin Photo Shoot

 Let the fun begin...

We did not document the adult Easter Egg Hunt...but it did happen. Only one injury, two broken plants, and one lost egg.