Monday, June 30, 2014

Summer Bucket List

We are working on a "summer bucket list"...we have made a list, that can be added to at any time, of things we want to do before school starts in the fall (yes! School Starts for Maggie August 13th).
 Here we are having breakfast in Washington Park.
 Once Maggie had to go potty in the bushes, I gave up on staying clean...they are putting their feet in the water.

 I let them get whatever they wanted for breakfast...Katie is eating cookie from Chick-fil-A.
 Another item on our list - the LIBRARY! I have never taken the girls to the library. Today, we got a library card and enjoyed our first visit to the library. 
 Maggie showing off her dinosaur book. 
The library was a hit! We are big fans.


We had a great week at Vacation Bible School last week!
 We had over 100 kids each day. We had around 55 volunteers each day as well...that was the best part, getting to know other people and kids in the church. 
 Maggie's class with Claire and Mary Rachel. 
 Mia and Mags
 Maggie in the opening Assembly doing hand motions. 
 Maggie hanging in the nursery with Elizabeth.
 Maggie and her class working on their memory verse...Acts 17:24, 25.
 Maggie showing off her "hand priiianntt".
 Maggie with her class and teachers, Lizzie and Claire. 
 Katie spent a lot of time in the nursery this week:) 
 Mags on the playground.
 Maggie and Claire

camp miapapa

June 19th-22nd
1st Annual Camp MiaPapa
 We prepared for four days and three nights without Maggie... ended up Maggie came home for bedtime. She gets it from both of us...not a big fan of nights away!
 She was excited to go and Katie was lost without her.
 Day 1: Swimming
Day 2: Bowling
 Day 2 Dessert: Ice Cream in a Trough
 the TWO Campers
 Day 3: Fishing
(Maggie was terrified of the Alligators:)
 one morning they had Green Eggs and Ham for breakfast

Monday, June 16, 2014


Summer is in full swing...the Macon heat is not keeping us inside though.
 We spend every minute outside.
 We went to Bryant's house a couple of times...'s beautiful out there!
 Lila Dawn with Mags and Katie

 Swimming with the Stevenson's and Lucy...and eating pizza by the pool.

Lucy and Katie in the pool

We went to Chattanooga for Holden's 4th birthday...Kate gave Katie her first haircut.
 Katie and I watched the sunrise on the bridge.
 the fountains in Coolidge Park
 Ice Cream on the bridge

Heading to Holden's Superhero Party...
 After two hours of holding her mask and cape in her hand, Maggie finally put her costume on!
 She was a little bit overwhelmed by the superheros...she kept saying, "I just like princesses." 
 Thanks to Aunt Kate for making it an amazing day!
 Superhero Maggie
 the babies
Katie bug
 pizza and a movie

 Last week Maggie had soccer camp at FPD. I enjoyed spending the mornings with Katie.