Friday, February 28, 2014

Out and About

Downtown Macon
(this fountain was in the movie 42)
 visiting daddy's office
 Maggie testing for preschool at FPD
 Circus 2014
 We let Maggie pick out one thing...$12 icee.
 the Circus was at the Centreplex where the Macon Whoopee used to play (Macon's hockey team)

 walking around River Crossing...Maggie said, "Mommy, will you take a picture of me by this because I love bikes."
 Zoey Willingham's 2nd birthday party...
 ...Thomas the Train theme.
 It was great! 

We have been keeping busy these days...keep the fun coming!

Jenny Evelyn Photography

Jenny Evelyn Prader snapped Maggie's four year old portraits. Here she is preparing for a photo shoot in 40 degree weather. 
 Here they are in action. 
 Her reward: lunch at Moe's.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Around the House

We have started the year off spending a lot of time at home (and on the run...we keep busy wherever we are:).
We have had lots of fun meals...Ed, Brent, and Nancy have been regular guests. 
 We made a robot.
 I have pulled the girls around the house on our old picnic blanket. 
 We have spent time at Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Walmart...
 ...buying organizing materials. 

Just eating an apple.
 Cousins have been in town... they came over to visit.
 Mags and I have played "store".
 Katie is cuter than ever:)
 Jack tries to come home for lunch two or three times a week.
 Jack went on a trip...just the three girls...
 ...we had to have a little fun:)
 Picnics, movies, and their favorite cereal. 
 We were glad to have daddy home after his weekend away with his college friends in Cherokee, NC. 
 Playing with Valentine's Day gifts from Mia and Papa...
 ...Jack was most excited to finally have some sort of coffee maker (after 6 years of marriage and I never have let him have one).
 On the cold days, we have stayed inside and worked on our Pilates.
 Reading together

Valentine's Day

We love Valentine's Day in our house. It means a fun day of food, presents, and a party! 

 Decorating Cupcakes 
 (we gave the girls matching Hello Kitty t-shirts for their Valentine's gifts)
 Attempt at a group shot...
 left to right:
Steve-O DeGeorge, Hunt Stevenson, Stone Stevenson, Jack DeGeorge, Claire Boland and Lucy Tingle, Mia Stevenson and Gracie Stanford, Mary Jane and Katie and Bo, CC Garreston, Zoey Willingham, Maggie, Anna Lyn, (front row) Meryt and Luke Benson

 After most kids left, it was time to settle down for a movie. 
 Ed stopped by to see the girls.

 The end of the night is always my favorite...getting to hang out with the amazing babysitters that make the whole night possible. Thank you Bolands and Stevensons! These guys are a blessing to my girls as their regular babysitters (especially Mia...every Tuesday morning she takes care of the girls). 

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Brighter Days

After the cold snow, we have enjoyed the nice days...
 one afternoon we met Ed for lunch at the Rookery.
 went exploring...

 Miller School where Bubba (Jack's grandmother) and Nancy attended high school.

 We spent a Sunday afternoon in the park.
 Washington Park has always been a special place to our family...
 Jack grew up having picnics there. He also proposed to me in this park. We used to sit on the benches and talk.
 I love this picture of my FOUR YEAR OLD!!!

 Katie loves to play..."Where's Katie?!"
 "There she is!!!"

 I am thankful both of my girls have been self entertained.
 Maggie explaining to Jack about the "imaginary house" they are playing inside of.