Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Christmas Rewind

Last night we had some church friends over for a nice steak dinner.
 The Stanfords, the Barnes, the Tingles, and the Garretts.
 We have been living in our Christmas pj's!
 A special breakfast of pancakes.
 at the beginning of the month, Maggie was very helpful with mailing the Christmas cards. After I addressed, she put the card in the envelope, sealed it, and put a "sticker" (stamp) on it.
 Christmas Craft at Anna Lyn's house.
 A couple of weeks ago I went to Lake Guntersville with my friends. 
 It was a peaceful getaway with Kelly, Kate, Katie, Laura, and Rachael.
 I was so excited to get home to this one:)
 Last Thursday, December 12th, Samuel Swift Addison was born to some of our dearest friends (Cam and Luke). We were so excited to meet him!
 On Saturday, we took Mags to the Sound of Music. It was a great production at the Macon Theatre. 
 It has been a fun Christmas season. We are counting down the days now...
 ...less than a week to go!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Christmas Continues

Continuing to be thankful for this season. The biggest thing God is teaching me is patience. It's ok that Maggie dropped her chocolate candy on the new sofa. Here she is getting out her Reese Cup as we read the advent calendar.
 This is the Christmas outfit I bought for Mags her 2nd Christmas.
 It's OK that Katie likes to take ornaments off the tree.
 One of our Advent readings. 
 It's OK that flour was all over the kitchen. Literally, all over the kitchen...even after three cleanings we keep finding flower and sprinkles. 
 It's OK that the flour and sprinkles spread throughout the house. 
 The cookies turned out pretty good this year. We took some to Jack's office and to Ms. Louelle (a friend from Church in the Nursing Home).
 It OK that the line to get your picture with Santa was 2 hours long.
 We will just go back later this week.
 Instead we just walked around and played at Bass Pro Shop.
 Jack had as much fun as Maggie did driving the monster truck.

 We also shot the pink gun.
 I tried to take some pictures of Katie in the snow...
 ...instead we put her in Stone's lap. We had fun with Stone and Hunt Stevenson. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Traditions

We went to get out tree at the Farmer's Market.
Katie was scared of the trees and Maggie was scared of the machine that wraps up the tree. 

The next night we hung our ornaments. It's always fun to hang our ornaments. Each one has some meaning. And then we have "fillers" fill in the rest of the tree. 
 The girls wore their matching pjs. 

One morning we had another set of matching pjs (thanks Mia and Papa!) 

Maggie was in her first Christmas Program. Our church had a sweet little music program.

 Ed came...
 ...and Mia and Papa.

Another tradition is Riverside United Methodist Church's live nativity. Ed was Caesar Augustus.

I have also enjoyed reading through Scripture with the girls. We have an Advent Tree....little windows open and have a slip of paper with Scripture and Reese cups. We started in the old testament and are now in the new. It has been my favorite part of the season so far!