Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fun Times

Maggie working out on her mat...
 ...a little Pilates and gymnastics. 
 Katie double fisting in the wagon.
 Maggie playing "tennis".
 Loving this weather and spending lots of time outside!

 Katie starting to pull up on the wagon.
 We have so much space in our backyard, but somehow they all end up on top of me:) I am trying to enjoy every moment of it. They are already growing up to fast!
 Mags showing off her new tennis shoes...
 ...and her cupcake nightgown (thanks to CC).
 Preparing our picnic...
 ...couldn't ask for a beter afternoon. I love these girls!
 We are having to pull Katie's hair back. Not sure how she likes it.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

3 Parties, 2 girls, and 1 Rainy Game

Last weekend we had two birthday parties...Lila Dawn's 3rd Party (Holden was in town and able to go).

...Lucy Tingle's 1st Birthday! So blessed to watch her grow over this past year and walk through parenthood with Caleb and Sallie!
 Maggie with Kaite, Lucy, Bo Barnes and baby Madeline in the background. 
 love this picture of Katie from the party
 Maggie loved the party favors...bubbles and a crazy straw!
 The next morning, she went outside to blow more bubbles in her little chair.
 Yesterday we headed to Chattanooga for the twins party. When nap time in a hotel room wasn't working out, we took the two girls to Coolidge Park.
 Maggie loved seeing Katie on the carousel for the first time and Katie loved her first ride on the carousel. 

 Katie with the birthday boys.
 Katie in the swing. I think both girls would stay in a swing all day long!!!
 Mags twirling in front of the twins before we sing "Happy Birthday!"
 trying to get a pic of Katie with the boys.
 Tucker and Charlie digging into their cakes (Kate always makes her kids bday cakes!).
 Katie bug in her party hat. She had fun at the party and loved watching all the commotion around her!
 When night came, the glow sticks where a big hit with the little kids.

 This morning we dressed the girls in white and gold and headed to Atlanta...
 Katie had her first Varsity cheeseburger...
 ...and went to her first Tech game...
 ...we didn't stay for the whole game...
 ...but enjoyed every minute of the rain while Tech game from behind...
 ...and had a great win today!

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Growing Up

When Kate and the Twins were in town in August, Holden went with Mags to gymnastics. They were so cute holding hands before they went into the gym. They both loved it though!
 Maggie is growing up so fast...she goes to Wednesday night church with the 4&5 year olds. The first night she went, I had to bribe her with this lollipop. Not that we use bribery a lot, but sometimes we have to use it!

When we have the Pyles' and Ed over for dinner...
 ...Mags and Katie get to have a "picnic" in the playroom.

Weekend breakfasts used to be Jack and Maggie...Katie has joined in on the fun. Saturday they go out for breakfast and Sunday they make pancakes. 

Maggie usually dresses herself, but sometimes it's not always weather appropriate. Here we have a warm raincoat and boots on a beautiful day with temperatures around 90.

Holden came to visit by himself...

Maggie reads at night with her light on...when she is done, she says, "Mommy, Daddy, I'm all done!!!" The other night she fell asleep.

Maggie likes everything to be perfect, just like me. She likes to make charts with her "marks".

Katie loves apples now.
 When Katie was trying to crawl, she would get frustrated in bed and fall asleep like this. 
 Sunday mornings are chaotic in our house. Three girls trying to get ready and one guy that takes 20 minute showers...this is Maggie one Sunday morning.
 Another picture from the twins visit in August. 
 I love this picture of Katie asleep on Jack. I wish they would stay this small, but I love watching them grow into a little person. Every age is my favorite!
 Every Sunday Katie falls asleep after church...I am trying to soak up every minute of this!

These sisters truly do love each other!

Katie's room is my favorite room in the house. Instead of making a nursery, we have a big girl room with a crib and changing table.
 It's a white room that gets so much light. The colors are very peaceful, but fun.

Mags and Jack had to lower Katie's crib since she is pulling up on things now.
 Mags loves helping with things. When we go in the attic, she sits on the bottom step and says, "Just let me know if you need me to help." We try to let her help whenever she she pretended to be screwing the bolts into the crib.