Saturday, October 27, 2012


Overlook Avenue is beautiful this time of year! The leaves are changing and falling, and I kind of feel like I'm in the mountains.
 But, oh, how things have changed. One of my dear college friends and bridesmaids is getting married this evening. In my close group of friends, we have had 1 wedding a year (2007-Jack and me,  2008-SJ and Tim, 2009-Katie and Grant, 2010-Kelly and Drew, 2011-Rach and Matt, 2012-Ash and Graham!). ..makes for a great reunion. This year, my life is a little different. While my best friends are celebrating Ashley and Graham's wedding in Lafayette, Louisiana, I took pictures of Jack and Maggie as they headed off to a Georgia Tech game.
 Last night, Friday night, while they were giving toast and reliving fun memories, Jack and I worked in the nursery and are preparing for baby Katie to come...really in a month or less, or any day:)
I am so thankful for this stage of life and our two beautiful girls! However, it breaks my heart not to be at Ashley's wedding...I know it was the most perfect wedding ever! 

Monday, October 22, 2012


Well, Jack says I've been nesting since I was pregnant with Maggie, but I say I've just hit it full swing again with baby Katie.
We are trying to complete Maggie's big girl room and pull together our guest bedroom/nursery.
 My dear friend, Katie Gro McDaniel, came in town to help me complete to big projects. This canvas for over Maggie's bed...
 ...and she painted this piece of furniture. We are still working on the hardware and what lamp to put on top, but I love the color she picked with the pink and white room!
 Maggie's room is slowly coming together. We had the best time with Katie in town! It was great to have her come visit!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012


We drive by Granny's church several times a week. Every year at this time, they have a pumpkin patch. So for the past two weeks, Maggie has asked to stop there...we finally went!
 Maggie loved it! She walked up and down the aisles pointing out her favorite pumpkins.
 Her new phrase in a store or looking through a magazine, "I think I would like this, mama."
 Last night, we heard several times, "I think I would like this one."
 We gave her $2 to buy her pumpkins. She bought two last night (for $1, because they were so small) and we went back today to spend the other $1...
 ...she bought one for her to put with her collection, one for daddy, and one for papa. She put stickers on the three today and we are taking Jack's and Brent's to the office to put on their desks.
 Her collection of pumpkins (the larger ones we had already bought). She really likes the smaller pumpkins, as you can tell:)
And she wanted to show off her boots...of which she asked if she could sleep in them for her nap today:)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall is Here

Fall is here and Katie is on her way. We've been spending time outside playing and inside getting Katie's room ready.
Here is Maggie on a gameday a few weeks ago.
 Yesterday we bought her a new pair of cowboy boots for the year...she loves them!
 Working in Katie's room
 Maggie showing off her sticker chart. Every night she doesn't cry when we put her to bed, she gets a sticker in the morning. After so many stickers, she get to pick a surprise out of her surprise bag.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

GA National Fair

Yesterday we went to the Georgia National Fair in Perry. We laughed because Maggie took a map at the beginning and looked at it throughout the night...just like papa.
 We asked her what she wanted for supper...PIZZA.
 She surprised us with how brave she was in the petting zoo.
 She is showing Jack the camel in the exotic petting zoo.
 The rides

 Her first ride...the Ferris Wheel. After this picture I held her and kept my eyes closed...I do not like heights, but I was so proud of her for being brave and she loved it!
 Dumbo ride
 Jack wouldn't let her leave the fair without some real fair food...
 ...funnel cake or a "tunnel" cake as she called it.
It was a great family outing. We enjoyed getting away and doing something different. The last time Jack and I were at the fair we were dating in high school. It's funny how the years change your experiences. We just wanted to do what Mags wanted to was fun watching her face light up as she rode the rides and took in the atmosphere!