Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bits 'n Pieces of an 8 Month Old's Day

What a fun thing to share the day with Maggie...everyday! Each day holds something new and different.

We often get to visit with different friends and family driving through Columbus.

My brother, Joseph, is visiting colleges (he will be a senior at FPD). On his way back from visiting Auburn he stopped by to give Maggie a little gift. He recently went to Casa Hogar (an orphanage in Acapulco, First Pres visits every year; many of us have been there over the past summers). He bought Maggie the cutest little dress which she was so excited to immediately put on and show off...what a great souvenir!

Sunday mornings are a special time for Jack and Maggie. They get up and go to Dunkin Donuts for coffee while I sleep a little longer. Then we all three have to get ready for church (it's the only morning, all week, we all three have to get ready and out the door by a certain time). It's a sweet reminder to me not to rush too much when I look over and see Jack and Maggie still playing together:)
This is Maggie in a sweet smock dress Martha Griffin made. (Martha is Jarred's mom...a dear friend of Jack's and Stephanie's boyfriend)

Maggie and I have been going to the pool some (this is her cute little cover up). She has come to love the water! We have a fun float and the other children at the pool seem to entertain her the whole time we are there! She just picked out her first swim suit (pink with Disney princesses on it); we will have to post some pictures of it soon.

Maggie enjoys playtime. She will play anywhere in the house (the den, kitchen, hallway, nursery). She wants to make sure I am not far away though. This is a video of her playing in her room; near the end, I start to tickle her which makes her crack up!

This is her singing/talking. She loves communicating with people (if you have been around her long enough, you will hear her sweet little voice straining to participate in the conversation).

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Just an Update...

Food: Maggie's favorite time of the day...gathering around the dinner table to fellowship and eat. She has become very independent with her meals - picking up shredded pieces of chicken or lunch meat, holding her own (plastic) cup to drink from, eating a banana by herself, she will even hold the spoon (but she ends up just chewing on it:).

Standing: She has been able to pull up on the coach and blue chairs. She can stand without any support for a few seconds...
...but falls rather quickly.

"My son, do not forget my teaching, but let your heart keep my commandments...let not steadfast love and faithfulness forsake you; bind them around your neck; write them on your heart. Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding."
Proverbs 3:1,3,5

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Old Friends, New Adventures, and Good Times

This is an update of events since July 4th.

On Monday, July 5th, Jack had the day off and was able to hang out with Maggie all afternoon! We bought a $10 pool for her to play with. She was unsure about it. Maybe she was wondering why her "bath" was so big?
That Wednesday, little Carson and I took Maggie to Callaway Gardens for the first time. Despite the awful humidity, it was a fun day and we were able to capture some fun snapshots.

We then traveled to Macon for a packed weekend of visiting family, Maggie's first wedding, and seeing HOLDEN!!!
Tucker and Grayson
(Jack's cousin Sydney was in town with her two beautiful children)
Tucker: "I am so worried I might drop this teeny, tiny baby."
Holden: "Is my neck supposed to be turned like this?"
Grayson: "There are 5 grown ups making fools of themselves...I'm kind of worried about them."
Maggie: "Too bad people can't see Mia laying on the floor to catch one of us if we fall!!!"
Grayson and Maggie watching little Carson and Tucker play on the stairs.
We hope they can be good friends as they grow up together!

Ed came to supper on Friday night....
...and Maggie had a bath for the wedding.
"My cup overflows!" Psalm 23:5

Uncle Jack and Holden on Saturday morning.
Maggie and Holden on Saturday morning. Jack likes to call this the "Einstein" look.

Austin (Big Carson's brother) and Anna Caroline were married at First Pres Church.
The beautiful Royal Family!
What a miracle little Holden is!
Maggie sitting on the floor of FPC...posing every minute she can.
The face Maggie used to make.
Mia and Papa with their grandchildren.
(Maggie and Holden's beautiful outfits were handmade by Aunt Brenda.)
Two very proud dads.
On to the reception...Brent and Nancy on the dance floor.
Maggie on the dance floor with Jack...
...Maggie falling asleep in my arms.
A Few More Snapshots...

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Fourth of July

Today Maggie celebrated her first Fourth of July! What a day to remember the day our country gained its independence from England!
Maggie so excited for all the people coming over to hang out and celebrate with us!
Lea's beautiful flag cake!
Maggie tried her first watermelon to celebrate Independence Day...
...and she loved it!

Bennett: "Wow, this flag is taller than me. I wonder if it could fall on me?"
Leah: "Yup, I'm just chillin' in this itchy grass."
Maggie: " long can I get these people to make fools of themselves?"
All four babies trying to pose for the camera...
Bennett, Leah, Maggie, and Will

...and we were loosing Will:)
We started to loose all of them, loose them to the entertaining grass.
Here are the proud dads, Nathan (far left) is back in the States by the grace of God! He is a Ranger in the Army and was deployed, when he was shot (twice), he was sent back to the States.