Saturday, November 30, 2013

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie

Since we love the book series, If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and we love cookies, we had a themed party for it...and for Katie's 1st birthday and Mag's 4th.

 I have never seen such love as these two have for each other. Katie looks up to Maggie. I find her just staring at Maggie, soaking up all of her words and actions. Maggie looks out for Katie. She is so protective of her. When she prays, she always prays for Katie to - "sleep well", "have good dreams", "start to eat big people food", "not cry".

 How blessed Jack and I are to be stewards of these little ones. We love them so much and can't imagine life without Maggie Lou and Katie Bug:)

 It was a fun party. We are humbled by the number of people that love our girls and came to celebrate with us.

 Cousins from Chatt.
Uncle Joseph from Auburn.

 Sweet Cousin Lila Dawn


Thanksgiving Day 2013
Jarred, Stephanie, and Joseph dropped by our house that morning. 
 Thankful for these two munchkins....
 ....that God has entrusted them to us, for such a short time!
 And Maggie is over taking pictures:) 
 Playtime at Mia and Papa's.

 Amazing meal 

Maggie's 4th Birthday

Maggie turned four! It was an emotional birthday...maybe it's because she is becoming a little girl, at the age of four she will start pre-k, she is just growing up! I am thankful for it, but miss the little baby I used to hold in my arms all night long. 
 She is full of spirit and energy, love and kindness, and then some sassiness.

 We made chocolate chip pancakes.

That afternoon we had lunch at Ingleside Village Pizza and went to the toy store. That evening we had Brent, Nancy, Carson, and Ed over for cheeseburgers.

Maggie said she was not officially four until she blew out her candles that evening.
Katie just sat back and enjoyed the day:)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Katie's 1st Birthday!

We have had a fun day celebrating Katie's first birthday!
 Maggie wore this shirt on her first birthday (it fit Mag's a little better, Katie is our petite little girl:).

 We went to the Pink Pig in Atlanta.
 Maggie is still scared of Priscilla, but she loved the ride.
 Katie was a little unsure of the ride.
 We had lunch at Taqueria Del Sol in the Westside Provisions area. 
 Jack and I are humbled, daily, by the two amazing girls God has entrusted to us. We only have them for a short time and we want to soak up every moment of it! 
 We see God's grace in these two girls...we see our total depravity as we handle disobedience, whining, selfishness, then we see God's grace in their kind spirits and love toward each other. Maggie is a servant to her sweet baby sister. 
 "Praise God from whom all blessings flow..."
 "My cup overfloweth..."
 My greatest prayer for these two...
 that they have not gone a day without Christ as their Savior.
 So thankful for the first year of Katie Pyles!!!!

This evening, we celebrated Katie's bday by watching Auburn defeat UGA in a nail biting game.
 Her birthday dinner.
 Her birthday cupcake.
 She loved it. She grabbed it straight out of Jack's hand.
 Mags and her will share their party on November 29th with a "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" party.