Saturday, May 29, 2010

Praise God, 6 Months of Maggie!!!

On Thursday, Maggie turn 6 months old. This is a brief recap of her first 6 months of life...

This is her Paul Johnson phase (the Georgia Tech Football Coach), or, some might refer to it as the first minutes after her birth.
*notice her raised arms
Her first full day in the world!

In her 1st month she celebrated her first Christmas.
While in Macon for the Holidays, Maggie celebrated her 1 month birthday. She started to put on the pounds at this point:)

By 2 months she started to smile in response to people.
*By the end of her 2nd month she was still raising her arms:)

In her 3rd month, she was able to sit in her Bumbo for a few minutes at a time...
...and she started to hold her head up during tummy time.

At the beginning of her 4th month she was baptized at our church... the end of her 4th month she found her thumb.

In her 5th month she celebrated Easter in Macon.

At the end of her 5th month, she touched sand for the first time...
...and loved being at the beach!

A few days before her 6 month birthday, she wanted to dance, but standing is as close as she can get.
We are so thankful for the gift of Maggie! The Lord has blessed us with a beautiful little girl...we thank God and praise Him!

1 Praise the LORD.
How good it is to sing praises to our God,
how pleasant and fitting to praise him!
~ Psalm 147:1

*Zach Smith shot her 6 month pictures this past week. I will post them as soon as he finishes editing them!

Monday, May 24, 2010


(this post is told from Maggie's view point)

A Chattanoogian - that is what my cousin will be; born in Chattanooga, Tennessee. I am waiting on him to arrive. His due date is less than a month away (June 23rd), and I can't wait to meet him! We know he has curly hair and likes to move a lot. (My aunt even wants him to be a little dork with glasses:) In the meantime, we are celebrating his life with baby showers and fun parties counting down the days until he arrives!

Back in the middle of April, we went to Macon for one of his baby showers. What a great time!

Here I am in my new outfit that Mia gave me in my Easter basket...I picked it out just for the shower.
Since I am still so little, Mia carried me around letting me meet all of Aunt Kate's friends.
I had to shut my eyes for a few minutes to get a quick nap...
While Aunt Kate was opening gifts for my little cousin, I was talking to Emily Dermatas, Granny, and Aunt was a great conversation about what my little cousins name might be (it is a surprise...we won't find out until he is born!).
Grandmother Neyman showing me off at the shower.
All four of us
(Mom, me, my little cousin/the bun in the ove, and Aunt Kate)

That evening, there was a party for Anna Caroline and Austin (Uncle Big's brother). They are getting married in July (soon after my little cousin arrives).
***Can you see me in the far left corner of the picture being held by Uncle Big?
WOW! What a day! Thanks, Aunt Kate, for holding me while I feel asleep.

This past weekend we traveled up to Chattanooga, my cousin's city. There we did lots of fun things! We started Friday morning off by going to the Royal's home.

Here I am hanging out at Aunt Kate's house.

On Saturday, Mom helped with a shower for my little cousin, Aunt Kate, and Uncle Big. Here are some pictures (with my commentary) from the morning.

Little cousin, I can't wait to help you play with all of these great gifts!
Uncle Big and Aunt Kate opening gifts for the little guy.
(Aunt Kate looks worried about all the dirty diapers she is going to have to change:)
What is all of that blue?!
Ed telling me how excited he is about my little cousin arriving. He will then have three great grandchildren with one little Norwood on the way.
Uncle Big's friend, Thomas, introduced me to a little boy named Wells. He is the son of Andrew and Cindy (some of their best friends).
I just did not know what to think. So, when in doubt I just cry.
We just did not hit it off at first, but we tried and again later...

Why is daddy holding another baby...a baby who made me cry?!
Some of the decorations at the shower...

All the hostess with Aunt Kate - Kathleen, Mom, Cindy, Ashley, Allison, Mary Elizabeth, and Beth
The Whole Gang
(come on little cousin! I'm tired of being the baby of the family!)

Our second encounter was a little better. I really like older boys...he is six months older than me and very handsome...maybe we can go on a date in a few years (if daddy approves!).

Saturday afternoon, Daddy and Uncle Carson pushed me in the stroller across the walking bride to Coolidge Park where I watched them canoe with Uncle Big in the Tennessee River.
I also got to hang out with Chris and Kathleen Arnold in the park.

To top off the weekend, we partied at the cookout at Aunt Kate and Uncle Big's house. Daddy grilled burgers for everyone...

Here I am hanging out, waiting on the burgers, with Aunt Kate, her mother-in-law (Mrs. Ellen), Mia, and Granny...I guess I forgot to look at the camera.
All of the partying made me thirsty. After this it was time for bed!
But I had to pose for one more picture!

Come on, little cousin! There is a whole world I can't wait to show you! We are going to be great friends! I already love you with my whole heart and can't wait to grow up with you!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Whole New World

As we approach the 6th Month mark, Maggie is doing lots of new things on a new schedule.

We start our morning between 7am and 8am with a breast feeding in my bed and some special time together (usually it is just me still laying in bed, playing with Maggie, while I try to wake up some more:)

Then we get up, change her diaper, and she spends some time in her chair looking out the window while I get her breakfast ready.
We have ventured into the world of solid foods! She has tried bananas and does not love them, but hopefully soon she will. We have also tried English peas which she loves. Her favorite is rice cereal.
After breakfast, we go back into her nursery and read from this great Children's Storybook Bible (thanks Uncle Big and Aunt Kate). What a refreshing way of presenting the Gospel in each story (we are still in the OT, but it's great). We then have prayer time, which is such a special time to pray with Maggie.

By this time we prepare for the first nap of the day (unfortunately this morning nap is getting shorter and shorter each day, but her afternoon nap is lengthening).

Just like her daddy, Mags is a picky sleepier...she has to be put back in her sleep sack, rocked for a few min., smiles at me as I walk her to the crib and placed her in bed. ***Notice the fan. This is the key to her taking long naps, it must block out the noise from our crazy neighbors. She will sleep for two to four hours with this fan!

After her morning nap, it is time for her 11ish feeding.

Then it is play time! She can play on the floor for almost an hour while I get things done around the house. Sometimes she is still awake when Jack comes home for lunch...but she is usually down for a long afternoon nap by 12:30 or 1:00.

She then wakes for a feeding between 3 and 4 in the afternoon. She might take a cat nap before her supper around 6. Then it is a final breast feeding about 7 or 7:30 and to bed!

***Below are pictures of her new toy (really it is more for me so I can contain her in a space for some time to shower, cook, clean, etc.) Thanks to Aunt Stephanie and Jarred for helping put the Jumpin'Jungle together!