Sunday, November 2, 2014

Lots of Fun

We've been having lots of fun...
 ...Tech games have been more fun this year since I have two girls to cheer with.
 They love when I take them out for a snack at the end of the 1st quarter. 
 Sidewalk Chalk Fun
 Maggie started a countdown to Christmas...all by herself. 
 We had a small group reunion...
 ...the kids got to hang out together...
 ...thanks to Mia and Claire for babysitting...AND...
 ...dressing Katie in a UGA shirt. 
 She wants to put her shoes on and a bow in her hair everyday...just like Mags. 
 Celebrating FPD's Homecoming with Maggie's preschool tailgate. 
 Celebrating Suttie's Birthday at the GYM NEST.

 Sutherland's 5th Birthday


Mags looks so grown up walking to the car with her umbrella. 
 When she gets home from school, she loves to play school.

I love my Katiebug! 
 Her faces are great. 
 She loves to do her "surprised" face. 

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