Saturday, November 22, 2014

Curious George Party

To kick off the Birthday week, Nancy and Brent left a small gift for the girls...
...every year the girls get something to do with their # (the age they are turning). 
They loved their #2 and #5.
We spent the week preparing for the party. We spray painted letters. 
We strung over 100 lights in the fort. 
Katie and I made a big grocery store run. 
By Friday morning, Katie and I needed a Waffle House break. 
Our helpers:
Claire, Mia, Adelle, Stone, Mary Jane, Hunt

I can't believe they are 2 and 5!  

They both love Curious George and Maggie has been asking for a George party for a while. 

We loved having some classmates attend:
Suttie, Mags, Annalee, Harper, Hollis, Brinkley, and Lorelie 

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