Saturday, November 22, 2014

Curious George Party

To kick off the Birthday week, Nancy and Brent left a small gift for the girls...
...every year the girls get something to do with their # (the age they are turning). 
They loved their #2 and #5.
We spent the week preparing for the party. We spray painted letters. 
We strung over 100 lights in the fort. 
Katie and I made a big grocery store run. 
By Friday morning, Katie and I needed a Waffle House break. 
Our helpers:
Claire, Mia, Adelle, Stone, Mary Jane, Hunt

I can't believe they are 2 and 5!  

They both love Curious George and Maggie has been asking for a George party for a while. 

We loved having some classmates attend:
Suttie, Mags, Annalee, Harper, Hollis, Brinkley, and Lorelie 

Monday, November 17, 2014

New York

October 29th, we loaded three suitcases, one pack n play, a stroller, and two kids in the truck and went to Atlanta to catch a plane to New York City. Maggie kept telling Katie, "You're going to looove  flying on a plane." I realize people are very helpful when you are going through the airport with a stroller and two kids:) 

We hit the ground running on Wednesday night. We started by eating dinner at Carnegie Deli. We ate there on our honeymoon. It was fun to go back with the girls. 

 Next stop...the M&M store. Maggie loved the THREE stories of M&M fun. (we went back here because it was one of her favorite things to do and it was just a couple of blocks from our hotel, The Manhattan at Times Square). 
 Next day - After eating breakfast at the Rockefeller Center, we caught a cab to the Dumbo area, across the Brooklyn Bridge. It was beautiful over there and we had a great view of the skyline.
We ate lunch at Grinaldi's...
 ...then caught a ferry to ride around the Statue of Liberty (of the Statue of Delivery as Mags calls it). We have a book about NYC and Mags loved the Statue. We weren't planning on seeing it, but she kept talking about it. Since we had very flexible plans, we jumped on the water taxi.
 Back in Times Square. Last time we were there I had a panic attack...this time, I truly got to enjoy the craziness of the city! 
 We went to this famous toy store...
 ...they were a little overwhelmed with the store, but they loved these pianos. 
They each choose a toy. 
Next, we met up with Caroline Royal for a Central Park stroll. 
They had a great playground. Mags and I had hotdogs from a hotdog stand. 
We rode the carousel...
 ...and then took a carriage ride around the Park.
The next day, Friday, we went back to the Rockefeller Center to ice skate, but it was too cold for everyone and I wasn't going to skate by myself:) 
Maggie loved this Sponge Bob mailbox. 
We never stopped for naps, so Katie and Mags just shut their eyes when they were tired...wherever we were. 
After getting our rental car, we drove into Hoboken and went to the original Carlo's Bakery. 
We then drove up to Newburgh. It was only the PRETTIEST drive ever. All of the trees were gorgeous! Since it was Halloween, the girls put on their costumes....

...and we went to dinner with some super heroes. 

The next morning we were ready to go to the parade, but it was canceled because of the weather. 
We went ahead to the tailgate.
Although it was freezing. We spent a few minutes walking around West Point. 
Snack time at the game. 

Heading home.